American Lover December 20, 2023
"Silk Moon has clothing better than Beverly Hills and Madison Avenue. Dresses, silks, hats, incredibly sophisticated. The nicest, quality silk shop with clothing better than anything you will find north of Los Angeles, California. Must stop. Must see for fashion goers shopping in Northern California. We travel the world and there is nothing like Silk Moon."
Kim Gomez September 3, 2023
"Great shop! Excellent selection, helpful staff and overall very pleasant experience!"
Isabella P. February 28, 2023
"Beautiful clothes and staff are friendly..."
Penny Locke (Dogladypl) February 8, 2023
"I love shopping here. They offer a sale rack right out front to draw you in. Their displays are inspiring. I have bought "that combination" before now. Great shoe selection. I wear orthotics so being able to get 1-2-1 help is key to a shopper's success. I'll be back."
Sheila R. January 12, 2023
"First class clothing and scrumptious accessories!"
Stephanie Trotter Zacharia December 20, 2022
"I found the perfect clothes and some custom made jewelry for an upcoming special vacation! The staff is fabulous - having all been there for years. The quality of the clothes along with comfort and style make this a great place to build a wardrobe."